Equestrian Buildings

Equestrian Buildings

At Equine Construction we work directly with our clients to design and build a variety of equestrian buildings, and American Barns, to suit your equine needs.

We manage your entire equestrian project from breaking ground to handing over the keys. 

Project budgets will be dependent upon chosen features, scale of the build and materials used. The overall size of an American Barn will be dependent upon the internal configuration. Most American Barns are based on a modular design based on standard stable sizing of 3.6m or 4.2m

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Drainage plans can vary from a continuous line of gullies running down central walkways, to individual gullies placed at strategic points. Water taps can then be placed above the drainage.

160mm drainage, rather than the usual 110mm, is always used with sufficient traps to collect bedding and dirt that finds its way into drains.

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Traditionally of a concrete construction, Equine Construction use a urine resistant RC45 mix strengthened with fibres for extra durability.

We pour a 150mm thick slab rather than the standard 100mm, on a 1200-gauge polythene membrane, as standard.

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Traditionally lighting for stables has been suspended from chains, that can blow in the wind and gather dust.  We suspend continuous trunking around the building with strip lights positioned directly underneath, eliminating the problems.

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The layout needs to be carefully planned when sizing the project.  Location of tack rooms, feed rooms, offices and accommodation all need to be planned for.

Consideration needs to be given to the practical side of running a yard.  This is an area that our unrivalled knowledge can help with.




A variety of construction methods and materials are available, including brick and block cavity construction.  

Internal Face

We always use paint grade blocks on the inner skin as these will be the back walls of the internal stables that will be painted later. The paint grade blocks have a smoother face with less imperfections.

External Face

The external face, if not brickwork, will be timber cladding fixed on to cladding rails between the steel stanchions. This can vary from vertical hung treated castle boarding to treated feather edge boarding or Shiplap Scandinavian Redwood to Cedar hung horizontally.


Windows are placed in the centre of each stable’s outside wall to provide good ventilation and light. These are always galvanised steel rotating through 180 degrees to sit flush on the side wall and are fully lockable for security.


The roof materials can vary from fibre cement sheets to composite panels.  Our fibre cement sheets incorporate GRP clear sheets to allow for maximum light. Whereas, composite panels have insulation sandwiched between two layers resulting in additional heat retention in the winter but pleasantly cool in the summer.