Building Features

Equine Construction uses a variety of construction types to create each of our equestrian building projects.

Below is an example of some of the different building features and construction types that the Equine Construction team have employed on recent projects:

This 28 box American barn is of brick and block cavity construction, it has a composite roof for added insulation and has double sliding mahogany doors.

This steel framed American barn is of block cavity construction with a brick plinth, clad in shiplap boarding with a composite roof and light ventilated ridge.

The open fronted young stock barn is of block construction with brick plinth and piers, clad in castle boarding.

This courtyard stable block is a steel framed construction with block and brick cavity walls and a clay tiled roof. internal stables and partitions were used to create a light and airy feel but keeping a traditional look.

This steel framed American barn is of block cavity construction, clad with feather edge boarding. The barn has an insulated composite roof with a light ventilated ridge for maximum natural light and ventilation keeping the building warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

American Barn of cavity blockwork construction rendered and painted throughout, with a composite roof and vented ridge. All windows and doors are arched and Bespoke. We designed this building to give the maximum natural light and ventilation.