Outdoor Arenas

Beautiful and bespoke outdoor arenas and lunge pens from Equine Construction

Equine Construction can design and build outdoor arenas for any discipline, whether that is a dressage arena, to large scale jumping arena or up to full scale all weather cross country arena facilities.  Outdoor arenas are built to fit our client’s requirements and budgets, whether they are a stand alone project or as a part of a complete equestrian facility development.


Equine Construction also offer the design and build of our beautiful bespoke timber lunge arenas. Built from sustainably sourced English Redwood, pressure treated with creosote and offering a 30-year product Guarantee.  The timber Lunge Arena can be built in any size up to 18m in diameter and its unique construction gives immense strength whilst still allowing for that natural look which blends in with a rural environment.  With an overall height of 2.25m the lunge arenas are ideally suited for the backing and breaking of youngsters that need to stay focused without exterior distractions.


Lunge Arena Construction and Installation


Lunge arenas can be built to a size that suits clients requirements and situation, with a typical installation measuring 16m in diameter.


Our most popular Lunge Arenas are constructed from rubber lined galvanized mesh panels that are bolted to a concrete ring base to prevent movement.  Alternatively, the pen can be set into the ground, with back filling to the outer edge preventing movement. A wood construction is also available, in which a series of vertical posts are driven into the ground with horizontal rails similar to post and rail fencing forming the basic shape of the pen. Vertical boards are then fixed on the inside to a height of 2m- 2.4m, creating the enclosed lunge arena.


Drainage – Like any outdoor arena, drainage is a crucial element.  A central soak away with a series of perforated piping, crossing the soak away, is used to provide adequate drainage prior to the main lunge arena construction.


Equine Construction use and recommend 150mm of clean drainage stone, laid across the arena surface and topped with a geotextile membrane prior to the arena surface being laid.  Alternatively, a porous Tarmac can be used on top of the drainage stone if a client is looking to use the lunge arena as an all-weather turnout pen, with the Tarmac making the surface more durable in the event of digging horses.


Surface – Equine Construction work with a number of leading arena surface manufactures and can either make recommendation for surface or work with a client’s chosen surface.  We recommend a good waxed surface with fibres as the best surface to hold together under the strains of lunging that tends to push surfaces to the outer edge.




Existing 40 x 20m arena needing total refurbishment including all drainage and extended to 60 x 20m

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