Indoor Arenas

Equine Construction build indoor arenas to suit your
specific requirements.

Equine Construction can work with you in the design of your indoor arena to accommodate anything from internal stabling, tack rooms, feed rooms and wash down areas to living accommodation and viewing galleries, all under the one roof.


Construction – the construction of an indoor arena is based on a tried and tested methodology. Once the site has been identified and planning permission gained the topsoil is removed to an average depth of 300mm, down to a suitable sub stratum. Foundations are dug and concrete poured to accommodate the steel stanchions that are then bolted down into position.


Indoor arenas are built using a steel framed building which can be manufactured to any size depending on your personal requirements. Dressage arenas will typically be 60 x 20 metres or 40 x 20 metres, while jumping arenas will often be wider.


Depending on the type of ground a geotextile membrane will be laid and covered with a min of 150 to 200mm of crushed concrete/scalpings then well rolled to form a level surface. A further membrane will be laid, fixed securely at the edges with a minimum 300mm overlap on all joints.


The roof structure is typically fibre cement sheets with 15/20 percent clear Perspex sheets allowing as much natural light as possible.


Considerations for the design and construction often include:

  clear sheets on the gable ends and clear sheets running all the way around the

  school in a 1m band below the eaves.

  an open side above the kick boards and a 1m below the eaves


Normally 2 pairs of sliding doors should be incorporated into the school that will be clad similarly to the rest of the indoor arena. Cladding comes in many different styles depending on budget and planner’s stipulations but typically steel cladding sheets in green or brown would be used to floor level or a range of treated softwood claddings in the form of Yorkshire or Castle boarding.


Internally we can offer a choice of kick boards, again depending on budget we can fit hardwood boards, curved wooden kick boards or plywood can be used. We recommend that kick boards are sloping for reasons of safety.


Lighting – worth careful consideration to avoid shadows on the surface of the arena.  LED lights while expensive to buy, offer lower running costs than some alternatives. In a typical 60m x 20m arena you would have four lines of 10 lights giving you light lux level of 200 lumens at ground level.


Arena Surface – Equine Construction works with several leading surface manufacturers and can advise the client accordingly or work with their chosen surface supplier.


This project was a major renovation of an existing arena.

We replaced the existing fibre cement roof with an insulated composite roof. Double gazing was fitted to the full length of the 75 metre building and all cladding was replaced and existing block work rendered and painted.


We are in the process of boxing in all steels with timber and refurbishing the interior. More photos to follow…

This 62 x 22metre indoor arena is of steel framed construction with a composite roof which is insulated and therefore helps to keep the arena cooler in summer, warmer in winter and has the added benefit of sound proofing from heavy rain or hail storms.


Along with the grey kick boards and plenty of clear Perspex sheets all these features give a light and airy feel to the arena.

Equine Construction are specialists in all aspects of equine construction and building. To discuss your next project please contact us.

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