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Equine Construction offers a complete end to end build solution. We build a variety of equestrian buildings from American Barns, Indoor and Outdoor Riding Arenas and entire Equestrian Facilities, whilst also supplying and installing bespoke quality internal stables.

Lead by an equestrian passion, every detail matters, with the safety and comfort of your horse being paramount.

Complete Equestrian Build Solutions

American barns and buildings

Equine Construction build a variety of equestrian buildings including American Barns and steel framed buildings for indoor arenas or indoor stable facilities. All required groundwork services from excavation, drainage through to concreting along with all the brick and block work and roadways and pathways, is included.

Horse walkers, equine rehabilitation

Equine Construction are proud to offer beautiful bespoke luxury tack rooms, Kitchen areas and storage solutions tailored to your requirements.

HAU internal stables

Equine Construction are the sole UK distributors of elite German stables Laake.  In addition to this we also work with other high quality brands such as Hau and Monarch, offering our clients a wide choice in finishing touches to their dream equestrian build.

Lunge arenas, equine and horse rehabilitiation and exercise

Equine Construction build a variety of outdoor arenas, from dressage to show jumping, to all weather cross country.  They also offer a range of bespoke hand made solid timber lunging arenas.

Bespoke indoor horse arenas

Equine Construction build indoor riding arenas to suit your specific requirements. We can incorporate viewing galleries, and internal stable complexes to create your overall equestrian building. Riding for the disabled facilities are also available.

Equine rehabilitation, horse treadmills, equine spa, horse training

Equine Construction offer a complete consultancy and planning service, our dedicated equestrian planning specialists and architects can guide you through the planning phase of your project whilst we work closely with you in designing and managing every aspect your project from start to finish.


HAU equine stables, bespoke horse stables Seawalker equine water walker http://www.seawalker.eu/ Monarch world leading stables, high quality stabling and equestrian equipment http://monarch-equestrian.co.uk/

Equine Construction are specialists in all aspects of equine construction and building. To discuss your next project please contact us.

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