Horse Walkers

Equine Construction build horse walker bases directly for clients or are recommended by third party manufacturers such as Monarch.

The horse walker needs to sit on a completely level concrete base slightly larger than the walker itself. To build the base we excavate the topsoil down to a reasonable sub base and lay 150mm of well compacted scalpings or type 1 material. Flexible road forms are set out to create the outer and inner ring leaving a 2.4m track within.


Ducting in the form of a 100 mm pipe needs to run from where the control box will be sitting under the forms and in the ground to the centre area for the hydraulic pipes that will drive the motor. Once this has all been levelled then we pour 125mm of concrete into the forms and lightly tamp to create a smooth finish to allow the rubber pavers to be laid onto once the walker has been erected.


A concrete base approximately 1525 x 1525 mm needs to be created in the centre of the base to house the motor that drives the arms and pushers. Outside of the walker another concrete base is created to house the control mechanism close to where the entrance door for the walker is positioned to allow for easy access and control once the horse is on.


Power will need to be provided to the control box via an armoured underground cable and connect to the nearest single phase fuse board. Laying a sheet of Terram or membrane on the centre circle and covering with stone or shingle is always worth doing as this area is hard to get to once the walker is up and will prevent it from becoming over grown with weeds.

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