Freeman 6YO Dressage Champion

David Johnson – In Memoriam

It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of David Johnson,Managing Director of Equine Construction & Equine Planning.


David was filled with endless optimism, passion and determination.  He was a larger than life personality and possessed a great sense of humour.  His tragic passing comes as a great shock to Sarah and the rest of his family, and we thank everyone who has already offered their support and condolences.


His eye for detail and passion for equestrianism shone through in each of Equine Construction’s projects in which he took great pride in personally overseeing.  The passion and love for horses didn’t stop at building their homes or training facilities but stemmed back through a lifetime of riding along with breeding and producing elite level dressage horses.  David’s love of dressage was clear for all to see through his continued sponsorship of British Dressage’s Advanced Medium Championships, Keysoe’s CDI Grand Prix and most importantly through the support of his own horses. 


2019 gave David the great joy of witnessing Freeman, under the expert guidance of Hannah Biggs, crowed British Dressage 6-Year-Old Champion.  Having followed and supported every step of his horse’s career, to be able to share in this victory was a very special moment for David, and wife Sarah.


Equine Construction & Equine Planning currently continue as ‘business as usual’ under the management of Sarah Johnson.

Freeman 6YO Dressage Champion

The Making of a Champion

A chance meeting, a lucky bid and an emotional journey all played their part in Equine Construction’s Freeman becoming the new Shearwater Insurance British Dressage 6-Year-Old Champion.

Hannah Biggs’ dressage talent was spotted by Sarah and David Johnson when competing in their Equine Construction Advanced Medium championship class several years ago when the pair were looking for a rider for their young horses at the time, David Johnson was also a breeder and producer of elite level dressage horses as well as being Managing Director of the class leading equestrian construction firm.

“I found Freeman at the Westphalian Elite Auction a few months after meeting Sarah and David.  We’d already had a conversation about buying a good young horse, so I called him up and said, ‘do you fancy buying a horse?’” commented Hannah Biggs.

That happy meeting, spur of the moment phone call and lucky bid started the ball rolling on an emotional journey.

“He moved through every inch of his body.  Every step and movement just oozed quality” says Hannah. 

Since then Freeman, the simply stunning Foundation x Ehrentanz gelding, has been based with Hannah, and with a little help from Carl Hester, has made his progression from a sensitive young horse to become the first horse to score a 10 in the Young Horse Final.

“We’ve taken it really slowly with lots of hacking and ground work because he’s big moving and sensitive.  We didn’t want to push him to do too much too young.  This is the first year that we’ve really started competing him seriously.”

Freeman was head and shoulders ahead of the rest of the field in the qualifying round, an impressive feat seeing as he had gained his place at Nationals thanks to a wildcard space.  Comments from ride judge Philip Hess were sublime to say the least.

“The trot movement feels really nice,” explained Hess, “it is important to keep him soft and smooth.  I can get nice cadence – a really good feeling.  Extended canter is developing and feels mega, and the collecting is super. Definitely a horse that’s on the right line of training.  A very positive impression and very relaxed.  I’m absolutely happy and a big complement for this wonderful sport horse and rider for the way of training.”

Freeman Prize Giving
Freeman wins at Nationals

Watching someone else ride your young horse in a competition arena for the first time was clearly a nerve-wracking moment for Hannah, as owners Sarah and David also looked on nervously.

“Because Freeman has never been schooled by anyone other than Hannah it was lovely to see that within 30 seconds it was a very harmonious picture as the horse was responding beautifully to Philips aids and was relaxed and Philip also commented that the horse was really listening to him” commented David Johnson.

These age classes are not only a perfect way to gently introduce young horses to their competition careers but also help showcase British and foreign breeding, as well as the talent of those riders who are producing these horses, as the class recognised correct training.

“Freeman being awarded a 10 for his walk was the most incredible feeling!” added Sarah Johnson. “We always knew he was special and have deliberately taken his training very slowly to give him time to strengthen, this mark proves that taking it slowly was the right thing to do. Whilst riders can enhance the trot, the walk is very difficult to improve.

“Philip Hess’ comments were wonderful and really highlighted that Hannah’s training has been impeccable! The fact he used the word MEGA during Freeman’s canter was definitely a stand out moment.”

Freeman will now continue his journey through the British Dressage levels and will look to compete in the Equine Construction Advanced Medium classes in 2020.