We’ve always known that ‘Equine Construction’s Freeman’ was a very special horse.  Right from day one he has shown all of the requirements of being a first class dressage horse.  A little late out of the starting blocks, while he grew into himself but now, aged 6, he really is showing the world what he is made of.

Under the expert care and guidance of Hannah Biggs, Freeman has out performed and out classed his peers on multiple occasions.  At the recent Wellington Premier League he stunned the judges to bring home a double win in the Shearwater Insurance 6-year-old Qualifier with 8.3 (83%) and an 8.76 in the Dressage at Hickstead Championship Qualifier.  This followed hot on the heels of a win in the Shearwater class at King’s Sedgemoor Equestrian, in which he scored an incredible 84% (8.4).

In Hannah’s own word’s “he is just dreamy and feels incredible as he gets stronger”.

Earlier on this year, our wonderfully talented boy, dazzled the judges at Half Moon Stud to score a staggering 85.34% in the Novice class! If we look back at his record as a 5-year-old and then on to now, we can see the journey he’s been on and how, as he’s got older, he’s become stronger and much more able to express himself.